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Regular Pool Water Maintenance

Maintenance program


Test pH levels and adjust to ideal range of 7.2 – 7.6
Test free chlorine levels and adjust to ideal range of 1.0 – 3.0 ppm or 0.6 ppm if you have a Nature 2 purifier.
Check backwash pressure gauge on filter.
Check water level in your pool. It should be three quarters of the way up the skimmer mouth.
Check that all equipment is functioning properly
Add granular stabilized chlorine if you are not using an automatic chlorinator, brominator or minitab float


Vacuum and brush your pool at least once per week
Check your lint pot strainer basket (in front of your pump) and empty as needed
Backwash the filter as needed
Remember: Change your Nature 2 cartridge at the start of each season.
Once per season clean your filter sand with Filter Free.




sm / med size pool

Lg / X-Lg size pool

Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree

Weekly Pour directly into skimmer 30 ml/4000L same


Every 1 & 2 weeks Broadcast over water surface 500 gm (2 cups) 1 kg (4 cups)


Every 1-2 weeks (or when tab dissolves) Add to the skimmer basket 1 tab 1-2 tabs


Bi-weekly / monthly Pour around perimeter of pool 500 ml 1 litre

Stain & Scale

Monthly Pour around perimeter 500 ml 1 litre

Chlorine / Bromine

As needed Fill sanitizer as per manufacturer’s instructions

Unstabilized Chlorine: LIQUID

As needed Pour around perimeter of pool 5 litres 10 litres

Unstabilized Chlorine: GRANULAR (HTH EXTRA)

As needed Broadcast over water surface 500 g (2 cups) 1 kg (4 cups)