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General Maintenance

Remove the weir from the skimmer throat.
Set inlet valves to the full skim position.
Set filter dial valve to the filter position.
Attach the vac pole to the vac handle.
Put the vac head with pole and hose attached to it into the pool.
Fill the vac hose with water by placing the end over the return fitting until all air is discharged from the vac hose.
Attach the vac adaptor plate to one end of the vac hose.
When the hose is full of water, to prevent the water from draining. Cover the end of the hose with the vac adaptor on it with your hand, then take the hose to the skimmer and quickly insert it over the top of the basket inside the skimmer.
Now you can proceed to vacuum with slow deliberate movements.
When you are finished vacuuming DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL VACUUM PLATE ADAPTOR OFF the top of the skimmer basket until you’ve turned the filter off or you will damage the basket.

Turn motor off, set dial valve to backwash position.
Place the backwash hose in desired area of yard, (away from broadleaf plants) and make sure it is not “kinked”.
Turn power to on and backwash until “site” glass on side of dial valve has become clear (approx. 3 to 5 minutes).
Turn power motor to off and set dial valve to rinse position.
Turn power to motor on and then let it run for 15 to 20 seconds. Then turn power to motor off and reset dial valve to “Filter Position” and turn power to motor back on again.

Do’s and Don’ts
DO watch the Pool Care Instructional Video and read the New Pool Owner’s Manual.
DON’T turn the filter off for at least 20 minutes after heater has been heating.
DON’T change position on your filter dial valve without first turning the electricity to the filter off.
DON’T open lint strainer basket or chemical feeders before turning the motor off and setting the valve in front of the pump to the “off” position.
DON’T swim for at least 12 hours after Super Chlorinating.
DON’T attempt to pull the vac plate out of the skimmer while the pump is running.
DON’T extend your vac pole to its full length.
DO make sure the safety grate covers are over all suction lines.
DO take water samples to your dealer for testing regularly.
When mixing, NEVER pour water into chemicals. ALWAYS pour chemicals into a pail that has already been filled with water.
NEVER combine stabilized and unstabilized chlorines, as it will result in an EXPLOSION.