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Vinyl Lock-In Winter Covers

Our Vinyl Lock-in Winter Covers are made out of similar vinyl material as the pool liners with a standard bead design to “lock” into the top channel (or “track”) of the customer’s coping around the pool.

In order to get a Vinyl Lock-in winter cover, first confirm you have the second (top) channel around the coping of your pool.  The second coping channel will allow for installation of the Vinyl Lock-in Winter Cover which will cover the pool during the winter. Vinyl Lock-in Winter Covers are made in Canada!



Preparing for a Quote:

“I would like to buy a Vinyl Lock-in winter cover…”

  1. What type of pool do I have?
  2. Do I have a Bluewater Pool?
  3. Is my pool and Inground or Onground pool?
  4. Did I have a lock-in cover already?
  5. Do I have the second (top) channel or “track” around the coping on my pool.
  6. What is the width and length of my pool?