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Jandy LXi Heater

The Jandy LXi Heater offers the most advanced heater features from superb hydraulic design to innovative, user-friendly digital control systems.


Jandy LXi heaters exceed environmental standards for low NOx emissions.  NOx emissions  (Nitrous Oxide emissions) – are gases generated from gas temperature and pressure during combustion (when an engine or gas powered heater runs). Manufacturers today strive to keep these emissions to a minimum for environmental reasons.  Low emissions give pool owners the peace of mind knowing they are operating pool equipment with the environment in mind.


The Jandy LXi Heaters have a high efficiency C-Fin heat exchanger which is designed to lower the operating costs of running the pool heater and provide savings on energy consumption.  The LXi heater has the highest efficiency rating in the industry in terms of keeping operating costs low.  The Low NOx, fan assisted combustion and Hot Surface Ignition system provides the maximum performance in all weather conditions.


The Jandy control innovation offers convenience with the Zodiac LXi control panel’s remote mounting feature.

  • The control panel offers many features with a user-friendly backlit display screen and a simplified menu – to allow for navigation through options and to make operation of the heater easy.
  • The control panel has built-in, one-touch automation to allow switching between pool to spa options.
  • The LXi Heaters are designed to allow easy connection to other Zodiac controls as well as other pool/spa automation systems.