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Jandy CV Cartridge Filter

The CV Large Cartridge Filters is constructed with durable, corrosion resistant, heavy duty polymeric materials for long standing performance.

The CV Filter is offered in a choice of 340, 460, and 580 square foot size options.

The CV filter is designed with the inlet and outlet lines on the same level for optimum hydraulic efficiency (efficient water-flow through system). Using a Jandy sweep elbow, the Zodiac Versa Plumb set-up may be installed allowing for ease of installation with other Zodiac products such as the Jandy Flo Pro Pump. With the Versa Plumb equipment set-up, the optimum hydraulic efficiency is achieved. This means that the system doesn’t have to work as hard to move water through the system saving you on energy consumption/operating costs.

The large Cartridge Filters have comfortable, easy-to-grip handles to make it easy for the customer to remove the canister tank lid to clean or replace their filter cartridges.
The extra large 2” drain port at the bottom allows for easy cleaning of debris and also allows the customer or technician to install a ball valve and fitting to allow the customer the option of opening the drain port and backwashing.
There is a Clean/Dirty indicator on the filter’s pressure gauge on top of the filer.
Heavy duty anti-corrosion tank clamp with easy-to-grip handles which provide the customer with the ability to easily loosen or tighten the lid to clean and remove cartridges.
Filter comes with universal 2” x 2 ½” unions and includes a Jandy sweep elbow to easily connect with the Jandy Flo Pro pump on installation.