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Robotic Pool Cleaners

Zodiac Vortex 4

The Zodiac Vortext 4 Robotic cleaner takes robotic pool cleaning to the next level as it boasts Zodiac Vortex technology for powerful and constant cyclonic suction throughout the cleaning cycle.  The Vortext 4 Robotic cleaner comes with a wireless remote to give you ultimate control of your pool cleaner!  The Vortex 4 also features pre-programmed or customized pool cleaning modes.


  • Extra-wide suction intake, to pick up and ingest various types of debris, leaving your pool looking clean.
  • High speed brushes with aggressive, solid blade contact, to maximize scrubbing performance up to the water level line.

Zodiac Vortex 3

The Zodiac Vortex 3 Robotic cleaner was the first robotic pool cleaner patented with the Zodiac Vortex technology to enable performance with powerful and continuous cyclonic suction throughout the pool cleaning cycle.  The Vortex technology creates an extremely powerful “whirlpool” inside the robotic cleaner’s filter canister for unparalleled suction.  The Vortex 3 Robotic cleaner is also armed with high-speed brushes for effective scrubbing action.

Featuring a choice of 2 cleaning cycles:

  • Pool Floor Mode (1.5 hour) pool cleaning.
  • Complete Pool “Bottom and Walls” Mode (2.5 hours) for a full cleaning.

Zodiac Vortex 1

The Zodiac Vortex 1 Robotic cleaner is user friendly, with a compact design that offers convenience in transport, and ease of handling with simple plug-in installation, and one-touch operation.  The Vortex 1 performs with Zodiac Vortex technology for powerful and constant cyclonic suction throughout the robotic pool cleaning cycle.


  • Cleans your pool’s floor and cove efficiently and effectively.
  • User friendly quick release canister, removed with simple push of a button.