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Nature 2 Vision Pro

The Nature 2 Vision Pro is an all-in-one chlorine tab sanitizer combining the benefits of Nature2 mineral sanitation with the convenience of an automatic chlorine tab chemical feeder.  This combination sanitizing unit presents a user friendly design and approach to chemical sanitation on your swimming pool.  Keep in mind, you will still need to perform your routine visits to our water lab (and some shock or manual chemical balance will be required intermittently to keep the water balanced).  The Nature 2 Vision Pro presents the luxury of hassle-free, automatic sanitation of your pool water on a daily basis, without the daily traditional use of harsh chemicals to keep your pool water cleaner, sparkling clear and softer.  The Nature 2 cartridge minerals work with the automatic chemical feeder to provide a further mineral sanitation to help destroy bacteria and control algae, which will minimize the amount of chlorine usage.

  • Low maintenance and user friendly installation
  • Compatible – fits naturally with our Versa Plumb equipment package and can be configured to fit with all pool filtration systems.
  • All-in-one combination of automatic chlorine feeder and mineral sanitizer.
  • Cleaner, softer, sparkling pool water to maximize effectiveness of chlorine use.
  • Control chlorine output on the automatic feeder with user-friendly adjustment handle.