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Aqualink RS PDA

The Aqua Link PDA (pool digital assistant) put all of the functionality and control in your backyard oasis into the palm of your hands.  You’ll have the ability to: adjust pool temperature, turn on one of your water features or your pool lights, and adjust the output of your salt sanitizer – all with the push of button!  The Aqua Link systems combine innovative user-friendly design, with style in mind, for your complete pool automation use and enjoyment.

  • Control individual pool and spa settings from your fingertips and the comfort of your home.
  • Automate your pool functions such as salt sanitization and daily filter pump operation.
  • Protect your equipment from freezing.
  • Manage a variety of settings and automated functions for your pool.
  • Complete Control system in a wireless remote.
  • PDA Handheld remote is water resistant with slip free housing.

The Pure Link Power centre, sub panel accompanies the PDA for integrated salt chlorinator electronics.  The PDA or Pool Digital Assistant is designed for wireless use in your backyard paradise.  The PDA allows you to control your filter pump, heater and other auxiliary settings from a user-friendly, compact, handheld remote.  With the help of your PDA automations, you can spend more time relaxing in your backyard paradise – enjoying your pool, without the extra daily hassles of maintaining.  Your Aqua Link PDA has built-in features like automatic heater cool down and freeze protection, to protect and help ease your concerns for your equipment.