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Water Loss Diagnostic Sheet

Water Loss Diagnostic Sheet


If your pool is losing water you will have to ascertain where the leak is before it can be fixed; i.e. is it the pipes, the main drain or the liner or shell of your pool?

The following procedure is intended to help you isolate the leak with a minimum of cost.

Fill pool to halfway up your skimmer opening and mark level on skimmer face.

Observe change in water level over 24* hours while your pump is running.

Refill the pool to halfway up skimmer face plate opening after 24* hours and shut pump off for 24* hours to observe water level change again.

* If you have a very slow leak you might have to wait 48 hours between observations.



If your water loss stops or there is a significant decrease in water loss when pump is turned off, your leak is probably in the piping to or from your pool.


If water loss does not change significantly with your pump turned off your leak is either in the liner or shell of the pool or in your main drain.



Arrange to have your lines pressure tested by your Pioneer Family Pools Service Technician.


First arrange for a main drain isolation test of your pool. If the leak is not found in the main drain a diver will have to be employed to check you liner for leaks if you have a vinyl pool, or in it’s shell if you have a concrete pool.