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Replacement Vinyl Liners

Actual Liner samples can be viewed at the liner displays located at our Bluewater Pools store.

Need Us To Install Your Liner? Here’s What We Do:

  • A custom measurement of your pool is performed (unless a stock Onground or Aboveground liner is ordered/being installed) to produce a computer composite drawing by the liner manufacturer.
  • Drain pool and take out the existing liner. An extra charge will apply for disposal of the pool liner.
  • Treat minor rust spots.
  • Sweep, clean, and prepare pool floor.
  • Install custom liner with new face plates and gaskets for all through-wall fittings (Main Drain, Skimmers, Returns, Vacuum Line). New Pool Light and Built-in Stairs gaskets would be an Extra charge.

Installation Notes & Other Charges

  • The liner will not be ordered until valid payment is secured with our service department.
  • Some forms of structural decay may not show until after the old liner has been removed. This will be quoted at the time it is discovered.
  • The pool floor may need major repairs. The steel walls may be rusting and need to be sanded and/or repaired. These services are NOT included and will cost extra.
  • If required, remove existing coping and install new coping. The coping should be replaced if it will not last the life of a new liner. This service is NOT included and will cost extra.
  • If you are purchasing an aboveground/ onground liner: When providing information to the service department, please ask yourself, if you have a deck built up to the pool, or out over the top rails (covering any area around the pool). If the answer is “yes”, then please be aware that YOU will be responsible to remove the deck boards, before liner install, to allow for 1 foot of working room around the perimeter of the pool in order to install the liner. *For liability reasons, Bluewater will NOT remove the deck boards and re-install the deck boards – it is the customer’s responsibility to do this.

Important: These pool repairs must be done before a new liner can be installed.