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Tips on Ordering a Spa Cover

Bluewater Pools & Spas Tips

on Ordering Your

Spa Cover


Required Information


Make of spa (If Possible)

Model of spa (If Possible)

Year of spa (If Possible)

What shape it is

Measurement of acrylic outside to outside (NOT OLD SPA COVER)

If there is cut corners or rounded corners to get the radius or length

-Thickness of foam wanted (5”-3” / 4”-3” / 3”-2”) higher in middle to allow for water run off

-If they want the middle flap in the middle (extra)

-Length of skirting (up to 3”)

-Which measurement or side the cover folds on

-Where is the control panel?

Colour of cover wanted from sample vinyl (Tweed and textured fabric more money)



How To Get The Information


  1. Measure your tub from the outside of the acrylic directly to the other outside acrylic across.
  2. If your spa has cut corners: measure the length if your spa has a cut corner and how many there are. Double check all corners are same length.
  3. If corner is rounded, place cardboard on top of corner and trace corner from underneath and bring it in with you to Bluewater to find the radius.
  4. Continue to gather all information from the customer listed above.


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