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Safety Covers

Order your Safety Cover Today! Our safety covers are made in Canada with “Safety First” in mind. We want to make things easy on you too. Safety Covers are manufactured with a light weight, BioShade Mesh material that offers user friendly design for ease of handling and storage. Say, “goodbye” to those messy winter tarps and waterbags! Our Performance Safety Covers offer a hassle-free, aesthetically pleasing design while preserving what is most important – your family’s safety and peace of mind. You’ll never have to worry about pumping excess water off of your cover again. The rain and snow filter through the BioShade Mesh material for a free top-up from Mother Nature, while keeping large debris/ leaves on top of the cover.



Bluewater Pools Safety Covers are manufactured at the Latham International Manufacturing plant in Brantford, using the Performance brand of Safety Cover.  The safety covers are made of BioShade Mesh material (a tight woven, lightweight material – for ease of handling, while still keeping safety at the forefront).

  • The BioShade Mesh Safety Covers are offered to our customers in 4 colour choices: tan, grey, green, or blue.
  • Safety Covers offer some advantages over the fabrene and vinyl winter covers:
    • Lighter in weight.
    • Bio Shade mesh allows water to diffuse throughout the cover for drainage – while keeping large debris out.  No need to pump the cover off!
    • User-friendly, ease of handling – removing cover at opening and putting on pool at closing – hassle free – no scrubbing and cleaning of cover before storage
    • The mesh material is “breathable” and drainable, so it can be folded up in the storage bag damp and will eventually be dry for summer storage
  • In comparison to other winter covers, both styles of safety cover offer a more hassle free, user friendly approach to pool openings and closings.
  • Both styles of safety cover come with a Bioshade mesh material storage bag offering breathable storage to prevent mildew and allow moisture/water to escape from the folded cover.
  • By comparison, vinyl lock-in covers have to be folded-up and stored in a liquid, so that they do not dry-up.  Fabrene and vinyl lock-in winter covers need to be drained first (usually with a pump), then spread-out, cleaned off, and dried prior to storage, so that they do not become ridden with mildew.
  • Safety covers involve far less maintenance than other winter covers for storage and are easier to place on pools or remove for openings/closings.

Brass anchors are the most commonly used anchors on safety covers and are the standard for installing/securing safety covers to 3’ concrete decks around pools.  Brass anchors are also used to secure safety covers in flagstone or armour stone decking where the stones are secured with mortar/or concrete.

  • The brass anchor is ¾” in diameter and sits flush to the pool decking.
  • To secure the spring and strap for the cover, an allan key is used to thread the head of the anchor up which will then hold the loop of the spring attached to the safety cover strap.
  • When the anchor is not in use (cover is off pool), the anchor head is threaded down into the anchor grommet to sit flush with the    decking, so that people do not stub toes or trip over the anchors.


Lawn Tube Anchors are another, alternative form of anchor that we use when installing safety covers.  Lawn tubes are designed to secure the safety cover in various forms of terrain: lawns, garden beds or any other form of disturbed earth.  Lawn tubes are also used for decking that is comprised of interlock or armour stone that is not secured with mortar and/or concrete.  When lawn tubes are required for the installation of a safety cover, there is an up-charge to the customer (they are a larger form of anchor with more material).

  • The lawn tube is 1” in diameter and also sits flush with decking (or level with pool edge if in a garden).
  • The lawn tube is used the same way the brass anchor is used to secure the safety cover – the allan key is used to thread the head of the anchor up to secure the spring/strap.
  • When the cover is off the pool and anchor is not in use, the head of the anchor is threaded back down into the anchor grommet (similar to brass anchor).


Wood Deck Anchors are the third type of anchored offered with Bluewater Safety Covers.

  • Wood Deck anchors are only ordered and sold with safety covers that need to be specifically secured into a wooden deck in the three feet of decking around the swimming pool.
  • The measuring crew MUST determine at the time of measurement if the wood deck is in sound condition to have wood deck anchors drilled into it – more specifically – the crew looks to see if the wood is strong enough to safely and securely anchor the safety cover while keeping the anchor safely secured in the deck.
  • If the wood is older and rotten in many places for example, the crew must reject the option of a safety cover as the wood can NOT receive the wood deck anchors.  The customer must then be advised to purchase a new Vinyl Lock-in Winter Cover or Fabrene Winter Cover (with water bags) if they do not upgrade their deck/landscaping around the pool.
  • Wood Deck anchors are most commonly sold with Onground pools as many of these pools have wood Decks around them

Special Note: Wood Deck Anchors can NOT be installed into resin/plastic or composite decks that some customers now have.  The plastic or composite will not safely hold the anchor in place.  The option with a plastic or composite deck is the Vinyl Lock-in Winter Cover or a Fabrene Winter Cover.

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