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Pool Options & Add Ins


You may have purchased some options with your pool. This could be a salt system, Nature II, heater, chlorinator, etc. These options always plumb in after the filter tank just before you get back to the return(s).

This will give you a brief description on these options. Please refer to your owner’s manual for more detailed explanations.

Salt System

Your owners guide will let you know what amount of salt content your system needs to run at. Please follow that level very carefully, as this is what will generate the sanitizer for your pool. Being to low or too high will cause the generator to malfunction until the right content is in the pool. It is very important to know that the salt system must be turned off before your pump is turned off. Leaving it on while your pump is off will cause it to send a no flow message. With your salt system, you will have a box that attaches to the wall and a cell which is plumbed in the line. The box will allow you to set the amount of sanitizer you want your pool to produce, as well as, do a weekly shock with the super chlorination knob or button. The cell that is plumbed into the lines is what will generate your sanitizer. Attached from the box to the cell will be a cord with electrodes that plug into the cell. These can be cleaned once a year with saline solution for 10 minutes. The cell has plates located on the inside of it. These plates are very sensitive and should never be cleaned with anything abrasive or metal. The only thing you can use is a popsicle stick. This cell should be cleaned out 3x per year with a salt cell cleaner (refer to directions on bottle for usage).

1st  Time- 1 week after you’ve added your initial salt in the spring.

2nd Time- Middle of the summer

3rd Time- When the pool has been closed down for the winter and everything is disconnected.

The Salt System needs to be brought in for storage in the winter.


Nature II

The cartridge to the system will need to be replaced at the beginning of each pool year once the water has been balanced after the initial fill. It is very important that you maintain a proper water balance by getting your water checked within the store locations. With this system, you will be able to run a lower chlorine level. The other side of the system contains a holder for pucks with a dial. Once a week you will have to replenish the pucks. To begin set the dial at 3. (48) hours later test with a test strip to see what level the chlorine is sitting at. If it is too low turn it up a notch. If it is too high turn it down a notch. Only use stabilizer pucks in here, never any calcium based style chlorine. This needs to be brought in during the winter.



The chlorinator works the exact same way except there will be no enzyme cartridge needing to be replaced every year. You will need to maintain a proper chlorine reading on this system. This needs to be brought in during the winter.



Please refer to your owner’s manual for usage and seek professional gas and electrical professionals for servicing. BLUEWATER POOLS & SPAS DOES NOT SERVICE, DO ELECTRICAL, OR GAS ON HEATERS.