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Acid Wash and Painting Concrete


Rent a 2″ pump with hoses.

Buy 36 litres acid, 8 kg. pH Up, an Acid Wash Brush with handle and 2 litres of Pool Cleaner.

Obtain a plastic sprinkler can and remove sprinkler head.

Use waterproof gloves and boots.

Get a large garbage pail and shovel.

Set up pump and hoses, prime and start draindown.

Prepare the acid wash solution by pouring acid INTO water in sprinkler can, 3 parts water, 1 part acid.

As soon as water level has dropped two feet, quickly circle the pool pouring a stream of acid solution via the spout along the top edge of the wall, letting it run down in an EVEN sheet along the wall and into the draining pool water.

Quickly follow up by scrubbing the acid washed surface with the acid brush.

Apply extra doses of acid and brush where necessary.

Rinse thoroughly with garden hose.

Continue acid washing all the time the pool is draining.

After each acid wash, sprinkle soda ash (ph Up) into the pool water to neutralize the acid.


As the water drains into the deep end bowl, begin removing any debris accumulating and keep the suction strainer cap clean.

Continue acid washing the decreasing circle, neutralizing and rinsing as you go along.

When the pool is almost empty, remove Main Drain Cover and put the hose end into the Main Drain for the first pump-down. It may be necessary to bail the last water out with a cup and pail.

Check the Hydrostatic Relief Valve in the Main Drain to:

(a) make sure it opens to relieve any hydrostatic pressure.
(b) make sure it is closed tight before the Main Drain Cover goes back on.

Begin refilling the pool immediately.

If you are painting the pool, leave the valve open so that:

(a) pressure is relieved, or
(b) accumulating rainwater drains out.

Select the correct paint.

Apply according to manufacturer’s instructions with roller after brushing and scraping loose parts.

Let dry 48 hours.

Reset Hydrostatic Relief Valve and Main Drain Cover.

Begin refilling the pool with water.