Pool Liners

More choices, more exclusives. Bluewater Pools liners are available in 30 gauge and 40 gauge material. Through our family of brands, Bluewater Pools offers over 100 different elegant and exciting liner patterns – many of which are exclusive to Bluewater Pools

Safety Covers

Bluewater Pools is your best source for the highest quality safety covers. A Bluewater Pools safety cover is the strongest way to prevent children and pets from gaining access to an unsupervised pool. All covers are custom-built to fit any pool perfectly and manufactured from best-in-class.

Lock-In Covers

Bluewater Pools Vinyl Lock-in Covers are made out of high quality vinyl the he same material that pool liners are made of. The bead of the cover locks into the top channel of the coping around the pool.

Step Covers

The high-impact strength and flexibility of weatherable polymers enables Bluewater Pools Step Covers to withstand the stress of frost and snow load far better than other materials.

Fabrene Covers

A Winter Cover is traditionally an affordable way to protect your pool in the winter months. When combined with a proper winterizing program, Fabrene winter cover will protect your pool from the wear and tear of freezing winter weather and eliminate costly maintenance and spring cleanup.

Leaf Nets

The Leaf Net keeps leaves, twigs and debris out of your swimming pool. The convenient Leaf Net stretches across your solar blanket in the early spring and early fall to keep the messy leaves and debris out of your pool. Use the Leaf Net over your winter cover and make opening your pool a snap.