Book your Pool Opening with Bluewater Pools and let the experts do the work for you! Our expert staff have the skills and knowledge to keep your pool running at it’s best all year long. The Service Department provides a wide variety of services to ensure that you and your family can enjoy your pool for many years to come. Our dedicated technicians have years of experience in the industry and understand what it takes to get the job done professionally and efficiently.

Our Opening Services Include: Draining the water from the cover, removing your winter cover, basic cleaning of your winter cover, putting fittings in, hooking up your accessories and various equipment that was disassembled from the winter, adding opening chemicals. Contact our store for further details on what is included with this service.

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Inground or Onground Pool Opening

Description of Work We Complete:

1. Remove water and debris from the cover
2. Basic brush & scrub of the cover while on pool
3. Fold cover & water bags
4. Put in pool fittings that were removed in winter
5. Remount pool accessories & deck equipment (See limitations at bottom)
6. Add Opening Chemicals
7. Re-attach any equipment that was removed in winter

Turn on water to fill the pool.

Inground or Onground Pool Opening Package(required)

Inground or Onground Pool Opening includes all services mentioned above.

Aboveground Pool Opening

Description of Work We Complete:

1. Remove water and debris from the cover
2. Basic brush & scrub of cover while on pool
3. Fold cover & water bags
4. Put pool fittings in that were removed in winter
5. Remount pool accessories & deck equipment (we do not re-install drop-in stair units)
6. Add Chemical Kit (if purchased)
7. Re-attach any equipment that was removed in winter (Extras may occur if new line of fittings are required)

We Do Not
Turn on water to fill the pool.

Aboveground Pool Opening Package(required)

Aboveground Pool Opening includes all services mentioned above.

Opening Products


Chemical Kit ($45.99+ HST)*

Kits Includes:
1. Concentrated algaecide 1L
2. Stain and scale control 1L
3. Oxidizer 1kg

HTH Pouch ($5.99 + HST ea.)*

1. (unstabilized granular chlorine)
2. Required Quantities: Salt Pools - 2 pouches, Safety Cover Pools - 4 pouches

Nature 2 Cartridge OR DuoClear Cartridge ($129.99 + HST ea.)*

Nature 2 CartridgeDuoClear CartridgeNeither
PLEASE NOTE: We deliver your new cartridge for you to install after you have tested and balanced your water. PLEASE SPECIFY IN NOTES BELOW ON WHICH SYSTEM YOU HAVE. I.E. DUOCLEAR 60 OR 130 OR NATURE II VISION, FUSION, OR OLD STYLE.

Which Week Are You Looking To Open Your Pool (Monday to Friday)

*No openings dates are promised or booked until payment is made in full. We will notify you immediately if date requested cannot be accommodated. Pool openings are Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). NO Saturday or Sunday Openings. Bookings are on a pre-paid first-come, first-serve basis.

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Welcome to the 2018 swimming season! Please remember, bookings are done on a pre-paid, first-come, first-served basis, so to avoid disappointment, and get the date you want, BOOK EARLY! All of us here in the Service Department would like to pass along these following tips to ensure your opening goes smoothly:


* There is a clear and safe pathway into the backyard as well as in the work areas.
* Your SUMP WELL is empty at least 24 hours prior to opening
* You leave your gate unlocked and all your accessories (i.e. ladder, jets) are left out by pool side in plain visible sight.
* You leave the garden hose accessible and the water is turned on from the inside of your house for rinsing only. WE DO NOT FILL THE POOL.
* Please ensure your pets are secure in the house, we will not enter any backyard or property with loose animals.
* Please leave out a container to store your cover that is visibly marked as well as a box visibly marked for plugs, gizmos, etc.

You can start to fill your pool. Please ensure the water level is monitored during this process, and that the water is turned off when the water level reaches ½ way up your skimmer face plate.
* Once water is at proper level, the system can be turned on. BLUEWATER DOES NOT DO OR TOUCH ANY ELECTRICAL OR GAS. If you own a heater, it is your responsibility to turn on both the internal dial inside the heater door and the external handle for the gas heater.
* Vinyl lock-in covers: Remember that you must store them in a proper container and you must fill the container with water. Add approximately 500 ml. (1/2 litre) of concentrated algaecide. DO NOT store these covers dry they will crack.
* Bring your water into our store to have it tested 24 hours after water has been circulating.
* Your Nature 2 / Duoclear cartridge is ready to be replaced AFTER your water is tested and balanced.

Salt Water Pools
Your salt chlorinator will not be turned on. DO NOT START CHLORINATOR UNTIL THE POOL WATER TEMPERATURE IS 70F AND YOU HAVE RAISED YOUR SALT LEVEL TO BE IN THE PROPER OPERATING RANGE. You must bring a water sample in to the store 24 hours after circulation to determine the amount of salt needed to top up the salt level and balance instructions. If water is colder than 70F, liquid or granular chlorine must be added to maintain sanitizing levels.

Safety Cover Pools
After you have filled the pool to operating level circulate the water for 24 hours and then bring a water sample in to store to test and balance your pool.


* Heater pilot light — Due to the Technical Standards Safety Authority (T.S.S.A.) and in accordance with CSA regulations, the lighting of pool heaters is to be done by licensed gas fitters. Contact your local gas provider to professionally clean, inspect and ignite your heater for the upcoming season.
* Debris removed from the top of your pool cover will be left on site in a pile for you to dispose of. WE DO NOT TAKE AWAY ANY WASTE.
* If your equipment is not in working order please call the office to arrange a service call, the service crew cannot attend to it at this time.
* We do not re-install drop-in stairs on any pool.
* We will not install/remount any accessories missing hardware that is damaged or deemed unsafe. (ie. diving board missing hardware, ladder missing escutcheons, rusted or corroded bolts)


A representative will contact you to confirm payment details & opening date.